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A few ideas for a home library: A small bedroom with good lighting and a comfy place to lay down and read. Being to small is not really an obstacle.
This looks like it is just a small spot that would not have much  purpose until a book shelf and a chair with ottoman were added. This has a gorgeous view outside but if your small spot doesn't  you could always add some drapery or some art work. 
A spot beneath the stairs, shelves on a desk.

A little bigger but still so cozy. I love that furry blanket on the chair. A home library needs elements of comfort, pillows, chairs, blankets. And of course the shelves full of books that really speak for themselves. Don't worry about mixing hardback books with paperback books, they look great mixed and mingled.
This one might be a little too busy for some but I really love it. The idea of hanging art on the shelves. It's a great idea to hide your more personal books behind it, because you really can tell a lot about someone by what the…

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